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As a voice coach, I can guide your singing journey using my understanding of vocal pedagogy and training as a Speech and Language Therapist.  This informs my singing coaching, voice and breath work to ensure you learn solid technical foundations to underpin any contemporary singing style.  Through 30 years of experience as a professional performer I can help guide you through career choices and using my holistic approach, ensure you are ready to pursue opportunities, carving out an independent singing career.  I have worked as an Associate Lecturer in Voice for Surrey University, ACM, City Literary Institute.


I help presenters and corporate professionals enhance their impact and command a room with presence and vocal confidence. Learn to connect to the breath, improve resonance, articulation, dynamics and projection. Together we work towards harnessing your unique style, energy and focus.  Whether it’s a conference or small meeting – your authenticity will be memorable.

I have coached with HPC Global and Gainsborough Training working with professionals from Bank of America London, CitiBank in Dublin and Zurich and The Law Society.

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As a mentor, I will tailor a package to suit your personal needs. Whether this be voice work, mindfulness, meditation, yoga or a mixture of all of these – I aim to boost your inner strength and self-esteem. I can help you build confidence and clarity around achieving your life goals and moving forward.  Together we can explore self-limiting beliefs, evolve and develop life affirming habits and help move you towards your desired life changes

To discuss your specific needs further why not email me for a free 15 min phone chat or Zoom call

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"Yoga is Evolution through involution toward the Soul" - B.K.S Iyengar from Light on Life

Your body is a powerful antenna continually receiving and transmitting energy.  Too often we give out so much energy to others and are left feeling empty and exhausted.  Where is your energy being directed and how could it serve you better?  Let me help facilitate you towards a consistent meditation and yoga practise.  Through the discipline of yoga we connect to our inner wisdom and foster our own vitality, bringing this abundant aura with us to any arena we step into.

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